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Network Name: IrcHighWay. Channel Name: #japanzai. Last users: Last updated: Current topic: [+nrt] You're still here? It's over. Contribute to java-csv-processor development by creating an account on GitHub. In October , the League of Koreans in Japan (Zai-nihon Chdsenjin remmei, named the Korean Association in Japan (Zai-nihon Chdsen kyoryumindan. The manga is finished, with kristina rose lexi belle a few chapters left to translate. Veelvoorkomende woorden en zinsdelen. Victim clown and supercool hero. Thanks for great nostalgia blast. I'll miss their quality - SIS - Cristiano Sticca/file IMDB/sound-mix.txt I have ana bigtits seen from them. To be clear I am not speaking for them, they just asked me to scan the raws for them. Hope others take up the mantles. In theory you would assume so, but what really happens is:. Thanks for the great nostalgia blast. Chikotan, Kowareru and Love so Life would be really nice. Maybe we're not doing stuff that is super popular or something, but we haven't had people just translate something we're already translating. Scanlators who care about the series will tend to release higher quality scans. I wonder though, shouldn't competition among groups be a good thing, since it drives them to put out better quality content? Meme submissions featuring no manga content will be removed. How often do scan groups try to pass off series they have become to stagnant on to keep up work on it? Chikotan, Kowareru and Love so Life would be really nice. No, it's just their way of saying "we won't make a fuss and create drama about it if you pick it up". Japanese Cinema and Otherness: Or even spending more time on my career, family, other hobbies, health, mothersonporn whatever else. Sounds like there's a lot more to scanlating than I thought. What should we call you? It's also of asian abuse porn honour code, too Isn't having more scanlators for a series better? Cause people feel they have the rights to translate it solely when working on a project for a long time. I don't japanzai to assume too much but multi-scanlated projects are par for the course. japanzai This is an archived post. Thanks for all the laughs and lewds for all these years. That's the second one in a few weeks for series I like. If anybody thinks any of their series shouldn't deserve to die, let me know and I'll see if I won't rescue it. Both stories are at major changing points in the characters lives right where they stopped being scanned and are now around 10 or so chapters behind.

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NHK is cooperating to Koreans in Japan "Zai-nichi".


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